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Established in the year 2017, we are an independently-owned orchard and horticulture research centre specializing in the cultivation of Dragon Fruit: a rare and exotic fruit which is gaining increasing prominence across the globe as a superfood, a succulent fruit with great potential for value-addition and also as a highly profitable commercial crop.

Spread over 30 acres in the ideal horticulture environment close to the 'Fruit Research Centre' at Sangareedy, we grow 27+ varieties of Dragon Fruit including hybrids and 7 commercial varieties: the largest selection of Dragon Fruit (varieties) in the country. Our mission is to promote commercial development of Dragon Fruit in India by educating farmers and providing training and consultancy that helps them prosper.

We offer a bouquet of services to farmers including, supply of seedlings, farming consultancy, post-harvest management and buyback of produce. At Deccan Exotics, we provide farmers, scientifically-grown, superior quality Dragon Fruit seedlings procured from the finest sources across the world. These authentic and pristine seedlings can be reliably cultivated to achieve high yield.

Having gained first hand knowledge through training in the best practices in cultivation and storage at SOFRI (Southern Fruit Research Institute-Vietnam) and leading Dragon Fruit farms across the world, we are in an excellent position of strength to guide farmers across the agricultural cycle from soil preparation to planting, plant care, pest management, irrigation, harvest and other post-harvest management. We keep abreast with latest developments in Dragon Fruit cultivation and seed varieties as part of our efforts in helping farmers stay competitive.

Through our prior work on Dragon Fruit farming and by virtue of our association with a leading fruit export and import house, we bring to the table a strong understanding of the business side of farming as well, which we share with farmers for mutual benefit.

Leveraging our considerable knowledge base and insights on Dragon Fruit cultivation, we have successfully replicated the ideal cultivation environment at our farm and adopted global best practices in cultivation to achieve a very high yield. Passionate as we are about our mission, we are eager to engage in knowledge transfer and share these learnings and other success stories with farmers through a range of initiatives including experiential learning (Live Demo of Dragon Fruit cultivation) and consultancy.

We also offer sale of fresh Dragon Fruit produced at our farms to individual customers, retailers and export houses. In addition to our primary focus - Dragon Fruit, we also cultivate Avocado and Custard Apple and plan to expand our range to include Rambutan, Kumquat, Water Apple, Pomelo, Passion Fruit, Star Fruit, Persimmon, Longan, Mangosteen, Durian and other exotic tropical fruits in the near future.