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At Deccan Exotics, our focus is on enhancing our R&D capabilities to afford big rewards for Dragon Fruit farmers by sharing proven innovations, best practices and research insights that lead to the highest possible yield and profits. As a research-intensive, innovation-driven and farmer-centric Dragon Fruit farm and nursery committed to producing superior hybrids, we offer the best varieties of Dragon Fruit with best yield anywhere in the world. We adhere to the standards and processes set by Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and VIET GAP. We are actively working towards achieving the coveted GAP certification in three years time from now. GAP Certification is vital marketing tool for farmers to gain access to key markets and is proven to deliver a range of benefits including higher revenues for crops, access to training, information and credit and improved hygiene and farm safety.

We are devoted to helping farmers grow Dragon Fruit on a commercial scale and are constantly working on ways to help farmers boost productivity. As a result, we have achieved extraordinary outcomes.

Key qualities of our Dragon Fruit crop/produce at our experimental farm in Sangareddy:

  • Self-pollinated | Disease-resistant | Heat-tolerant | Fast growing
  • High flowering | Thin skinned | Attractive shape
  • High Brix content | High pulp content
  • Early fruiting | Long shelf life

Our Research Initiatives

We are deeply invested in R&D through experimental and collaborative processes that include on-farm research as well as technical tie-ups with reputed research institutions and specialized Dragon Fruit farms across the world.

1.In-Farm Experiments

Our extensive in-farm R&D initiatives are delivering excellent results. We have acquired high quality seedlings from the best sources around the world and are currently growing 27+ high-yielding varieties (including hybrids) of Dragon Fruit at our 30-acre farm in Sangareddy. After extensive studies at various Dragon Fruit Farms around the world, we have replicated the ideal cultivation environment and adopted global best practices in cultivation to achieve superior outcomes.

2.Study Tours

In our quest to the learn the best farm management practices, we have travelled to Vietnam, Spain, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan, visiting reputed research institutions and large farms specialized in Dragon Fruit farming. On the cards is a long study tour to Israel - the world leader in cutting-edge agricultural technologies and a country which has been credited with introducing such far-reaching innovations as Drip and Micro-irrigation, Thermal imaging for water status mapping of crops, Colours netting for plant growth control, Development of new, tastier varieties of fruits, and a range of Post-harvest technologies. At Israel, we will be interacting with stakeholders across the agricultural eco-chain to study and record the best practices in Dragon Fruit farming that can be adopted at our farm in Sangareddy.

3.Collaborative R & D

We've built a technical assistance with 'SOFRI-Vietnam' (Southern Fruit Research Institute), the pioneer in research of new Dragon Fruit varieties, We are the only Farm outside South East Asian Countries to be associated with the institute and also the 'Queen's Dragon Fruit Farm-Vietnam' which happens to be the world's largest commercial Dragon Fruit farm spread over 10,000 acres. SOFRI (Ms.Dang Thuy Linh, Principal Scientist and Head) is reputed for having created the highest yielding Dragon Fruit varieties in the world. Leveraging our technical association with SOFRI, we are working actively with them and following their guidelines and proven cultivation practices to boost Dragon Fruit productivity and to develop hybrids with improved outcomes at our farm.

We are engaged with Government of Telangana & apart of its programe of MIDH 2018-2019, Live & Frontline demonistration of Dragon Fruit Farming, Cultivation & Training in Sangareddy, Telangana.

We are also engaged in a research partnership with ICAR - Tumkur (Dr.G.Shankaran, Principal Scientist and Head), to develop new hybrid varieties of Dragon Fruit & Avacado. ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) is a premier horticulture research institute engaged in developing high yielding fruit varieties, advanced production technologies to boost crop productivity, and frontier research areas like hi-tech horticulture and precision farming amongst other endeavours through its strong contingent of 150 scientists, 10 experimental stations across India and world class research infrastructure. This is a vital initiative which is expected to pay rich dividends as we develop and test new, high-yielding hybrid varieties of Dragon Fruit.

We are well-placed to receive technical assistance from Himalayan Florica, an active promoter of horticulture business in India which operates its own farms in Darjeeling and Himachal Pradesh. Himalayan Florica enjoys over 15 years of horticulture experience, a proven track record of conducting large-scale government horticulture programs across India and a vast, well-established network of farmers, buyers, and suppliers in India, Europe, North America, and other Asian countries.